A personalized application dedicated to your health

ELNA Medical’s personalized application facilitates and enhances your care experience.


ELNA brings health to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

  • Streamlined healthcare journey
  • Simplified appointment scheduling
  • Integrated, seamless medical services
  • Quick access to qualified specialists
  • Cutting-edge technology at your service


Appointment Booking

Quickly and easily request appointments with healthcare professionals

  • User-friendly interface for simplified appointments
  • Manage your medical calendar with a few clicks
  • Easy access to over 40 medical specialties


Remote consultations with immediate medical assistance.

  • Virtual consultations with health experts
  • Quick, confidential care
  • Secure, ongoing medical follow-up


Access to an online pharmacy for same-day delivery.

  • Securely order your medications
  • Real-time tracking of your order
  • New prescriptions and renewals

And many more features

  • In-home services
  • Laboratory
  • Medical education
  • Clinical research
  • App store
  • Results (soon available)
  • Prevention  (soon available)
  • Second medical opinion
    (soon available)

The new ELNA application makes life easier: our patients testify.

Very good service from both my doctor and the assistants. Always responsive in a timely manner, whether by email or phone. Thank you very much!

- Laurence C.

Good experience with doctors who are very polite always satisfied thank you ELNA MEDICAL.

- Zain Nawab

I went to the clinic without an appointment, very short wait, the receptionist was very helpful and kind. Very happy to have found this clinic near my home. Thank you Elna!

- Anaelle Amar


FAQ Woman with ELNA Logo in Background
  • First use the clinic finder to find your clinic.  Then select “request appointment” to start the process.
  • Please note that direct booking will be coming soon to the app.
  • If your clinic does not have the booking capabilities associated please check again at a later date.  We plan on bring the same great booking service across all our clinics!

None of your data is stored on the device and all communication outside the app is secure to all Canadian regulations

From booking appointments to managing your pharmacy and prescriptions, ELNA offers you a wide range of healthcare services at your fingertips. Find out more about our services.

  • Full spectrum of health services
  • Online pharmacy management
  • Telemedicine consultations

Not at the moment.  This is a feature that we plan on releasing soon. Stay tuned!

  • Click the ‘’Start’’ button in the ‘’First time with ELNA’’ section.
  • Then, fill in the location information to find your local clinics. 
  • Click on the star of the clinic you wish to be added to your favorites (available from the home screen).