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Speech Therapy

Referral not required

First Consultation

Children are first seen for a consultation with their parents and a certified speech and language pathologist (SLP). The SLP will screen the child's language using informal testing, observation and play to assess the child's current language level. The sessions last between 45-50mins including a discussion with the parents on strategies and recommendations. The parent will receive a short written report 2 weeks after their consultation.


Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions can be booked with either their supervisor (Ishi Zachariah-Dawson at: or directly at the reception after the session. It is recommended to book for the month in advance so parents don't lose their preferred time slot.

SLPs will inform the parents whether follow up is recommended and whether a full evaluation is warranted to further assess the child's language. Referrals can also be made by SLPs to other professionals depending on the child's specific needs and situation.

If a parent would like daycare forms filled out by an SLP, the child needs to complete both a consultation and a block of therapy before forms can be completed and returned to parents. Our team needs to be able to determine if the child's language difficulties are significant and persistent based on the child's response to intervention.

If a child has already been seen at Tiny Tots for a consultation but has not returned for over 6 months, a new consultation must be completed before going back into therapy. If a new child comes with an updated evaluation from another clinic or school all information must to be sent to in order to keep files updated and therapy may commence without a consultation on a case by case basis.

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