ELNA Medical Acquires the StatCare Super Clinic

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Montreal, August 5, 2021 – ELNA Medical (“ELNA”), the largest network of primary and specialty healthcare clinics in Canada, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the StatCare super clinic, the largest of its type on Montreal’s West Island.

Founded in 1988 and located across from the Lakeshore General Hospital, this Pointe-Claire clinic provides walk-in general medical services covered by Quebec’s public health insurance. StatCare has approximately 40 physicians and 10 nurses dispensing medical services to more than 60,000 patients annually. In fact, StatCare was one of the province’s very first “Clinique-réseau”.

“We are delighted to be joining the ELNA Medical Group and continuing to offer the population quick access to high-quality services and extended business hours 7 days a week. We are also thrilled to be benefitting from ELNA Medical’s extensive range of services,” stated the co-founders of StatCare, Drs. Michael Munzar and Laurie Bregger, and General Manager Ms. Eleanor Phelan Mootoosawmy

“The acquisition of StatCare makes total sense for our company, as it is a well-established clinic with an excellent reputation,” explained Laurent Amram, President and Founder of ELNA Medical, who added: “It reflects our commitment to providing fast and easy access to quality integrated healthcare using cutting-edge technology.”

ELNA Medical now consists of 59 primary and specialized healthcare clinics in Canada. Staffed by more than 800 medical professionals, they provide both in person and telemedicine healthcare services of the highest quality to more than one million Canadians every year. “And we will continue to grow, further consolidating our status as the largest network of medical clinics in Canada,” asserted Laurent Amram.

About ELNA Medical

ELNA Medical is a Montreal-based company that brings together the largest network of medical clinics in Canada, with over 800 medical professionals in 59 primary and specialty health care and occupational health clinics under the private and public healthcare systems. True to its mission and innovative spirit since its inception in 2016, ELNA is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the health and well-being of every patient by providing personalized, easily accessible and exceptional-quality medical services, all supported by leading-edge technologies. ELNA Medical is associated with CDL Laboratories, a leader in the private laboratory industry in Quebec.


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