ELNA mobilises for Truth and Reconciliation Day

Every year on September 30, Canada celebrates Truth and Reconciliation Day, a day dedicated to acknowledging the legacy of residential schools. At ELNA Médical, we believe in the importance of this day and are committed to supporting this crucial cause of national reconciliation.

“Every child matters” orange t-shirt

The orange t-shirt has become a powerful symbol of Truth and Reconciliation Day. This vibrant colour represents hope, respect and understanding.

This year, ELNA Medical’s medical and administrative staff are proudly wearing the orange t-shirt with the message “Every Child Matters” to honour residential school survivors, their families and their communities, especially children.

Wearing this shirt is much more than a simple symbolic gesture. It’s a reminder of our responsibility towards truth and reconciliation, and a sign of solidarity with Aboriginal communities in Quebec and across Canada. We are showing our unwavering support for recognition of the abuse suffered by aboriginal children in residential schools.

Our ongoing support

We remember that reconciliation is an ongoing process and that we must work together to understand and heal the scars of the past. At ELNA Medical, our commitment to reconciliation is not limited to a single day. We are determined to make a significant contribution to this cause throughout the year.

Our healthcare professionals are committed to providing care that is equitable for all communities, but that meets the specific needs of each individual. We reiterate our determination to be part of the solution and to build a better future for all Canadians. Join us in this endeavour, because together we can make a real difference.