The ELNA Medical Group supports humanitarian aid efforts for Israel against the terrorist attacks

ELNA Medical firmly condemns the recent terrorist attacks perpetuated by Hamas in Israel and offers its heartfelt support to ELNA’s employees, doctors, and medical personnel, especially those who have loved ones in the affected areas.

Condemning Terrorism and Offering Support in Troubled Times

At ELNA Medical Group, we believe in humanity and the importance of empathy, compassion, and unity, especially during adversity, and we will not tolerate any form of violence or apology for terrorism. We offer our thoughts and support to all who are affected by this tragedy and stand with the people of Israel, reaffirming our commitment to peace and the well-being of all.

While we cannot erase the pain and suffering caused by such acts of violence, we can make a positive impact by offering our support. In this spirit, ELNA Medical Group:

  • donates $52,000 to support urgent humanitarian aid efforts
  • provides free psychological support to any employee who may be affected by this tragedy, through our specialized clinic in mental health, Neurothérapie Montréal

“I encourage each one of you to keep the victims, wounded and hostages in your thoughts and prayers during these challenging times. In our daily lives, let’s promote a message of humanity, peace and unity and continue to foster a world in which people of all backgrounds can live together harmoniously.” declared Laurent Amram, President and Founder of the ELNA Medical Group.