Why go to a private medical clinic?

In the healthcare field, the choice of medical clinic can have a significant impact on the patient experience. To access a higher level of care and a distinctive approach, some have chosen to go through a private family medicine clinic, rather than a so-called “public” clinic, i.e. one affiliated with the RAMQ (Quebec’s public health insurance plan).

Dr. Sheirin Khalil, family physician at ELNA Private care, shares three convincing reasons why more and more people are turning to private medical clinics.

  1. Accessibility and availability
  2. Longer appointments
  3. More personalized care

Read on to learn more about how private clinics in Montreal work, what they charge and why!

1. Accessibility and availability

One of the main concerns of public clinic patients is often the difficulty of obtaining a medical appointment quickly. Private clinics offer a solution to this problem by guaranteeing rapid availability of doctors. Waiting times for appointments are almost non-existent: if you have an urgent situation or would like a same-day appointment, it’s possible!

2. Longer appointments

The quality of health care is measured not only by the speed in obtaining an appointment, but also by the time allocated to each patient. In the private clinics of the ELNA Medical network, we pay particular attention to each consultation, offering longer appointments than in RAMQ clinics. As a result, your doctor has more time to understand the reason for your consultation, whether you have one or several concerns.

3. Customized services

Private clinics offer a range of personalized services and support to meet the unique needs of each patient. Healthcare professionals know their patients well, making it easier to build trust and discuss health issues. From individualized programs and treatment plans to personalized advice, a dedicated medical team is there to support you every step of the way.

How a private clinic works and fees

The private clinics in the ELNA Medical network are open to all patients, whether affiliated with RAMQ or not. No medical referral is required, and you can easily book an appointment online or by phone.

Consultations are not covered by RAMQ, but most private insurers will cover private services. Private clinics also offer annual subscriptions with preferential rates for individuals or families.

Find a private care clinic in Montreal

The health and well-being of our patients is at the heart of everything we do at ELNA Medical. Private medicine does not replace public medicine, but it does help to strengthen the healthcare offer. Consult our list to find a private clinic near you.

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