Our Partners

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Better care, better results thanks to our strategic partnerships with global, national and provincial healthcare leaders.

Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd

A leading Canadian drugstore operator with a dynamic history of innovation and growth, Rexall has a collaborative partnership agreement with the ELNA Medical Group. ELNA also owns all Medicentres clinics operating out of Rexall pharmacies in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

Roche Diagnostics

A global leader in the prescription pharmaceuticals and diagnostics industry, Roche Diagnostics is provider of CDL Laboratories robotics technology. CDL has been the North American showcase for Roche technology since 2014.

TELUS Health

A Canadian provider of digital healthcare solutions, TELUS Health provides ELNA with premier EMR services.


Medicentres was the first major clinic network in the country to roll-out PrescribeIT®, Canada’s Electronic Prescription Service by Canada Health Infoway.

CDL Laboratories

ELNA Medical’s wholly owned subsidiary, CDL is Canada’s most accredited laboratory and a leader in round-the-clock medical testing for more than three decades.


A Quebec leader, Kinatex is ELNA’s physiotherapy partner.


A Quebec leader, Radimed is ELNA’s radiology partner.


Omnimed is ELNA’s newest EMR and technology partner.

Better partners, better outcomes

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