Laura Patakfalvi


Family Medicine

Primary specialties

Pediatrics, Hospital Medicine

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Born and raised in Montreal, Dr. Patakfalvi grew up in a close-knit community. From an early age, the idea of sharing and solidarity was important to her. Early on, she became involved in the community as an active member of the Girl Scouts, volunteering at the local community center to help new immigrants, and at the hospital. All of this contributed to her passion for helping others and dedicating herself to them. From that point on, medicine became her calling!

Through her training in family medicine, Dr. Patakfalvi has had the privilege of caring for patients at various stages of life, from infancy to senior years. In addition to her work at ELNA Pediatrics clinic, she works in the emergency department of an adult hospital. She also works in the long-term care unit, caring for patients with chronic respiratory diseases. Dr. Patakfalvi enjoys this healthy professional balance that enables her to provide the best possible care to all of her patients.

In her spare time, Dr. Patakfalvi teaches fitness, competes, and is a nutrition coach. Her favorite quote from Gandhi is, “It is health that is real wealth.” As a physician, she can attest to the truth of this quote, and is working to build a community that takes a holistic view of health to achieve harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual realms!


MDCM, McGill University, 2014

Languages Spoken

English, French


Family Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, McGill University, 2016

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