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No medical referral required


Service available via telemedicine

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By appointment only

Our virtual consultations are designed to offer quick, personalized relief that gets to the bottom of your issue. Whether you are suffering from a skin, food, drug, environmental or respiratory-related allergy, we work with you to find a timely and tailored solution to manage your symptoms.

ELNA’s exclusive array of tests, provided by way of our wholly owned subsidiary, CDL Laboratories, a leader in round-the-clock medical testing for more than three decades, help us get to the root of your allergy and determine a treatment plan so you can get the relief you need.

To prepare for your visit, track your symptoms and take note of any specific irritants. Be sure to note all medication, including supplements, you are currently taking.

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$499 for the package

(taxes included)

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The package includes:

01. Personnalized Allergy Tests in our Gatineau Clinic

02. Virtual Consultation with an allergist (after your test results)

Offered Services

  • Allergy skin testing
  • Treatment of respiratory allergies
  • Treatment of food allergies

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