COVID-19 information

On this page, you will find the latest information on the services offered by ELNA Medical as well as the COVID-19 pandemic health and safety considerations. We regularly update this information so that you can protect your health and the health of those around you.

We stay informed of the latest government guidelines and recommendations and implement exceptional measures in our clinics in order to continue to serve you safely.

Screening and analysis of Covid-19

ELNA Medical offers Covid-19 screening and antibody tests. We guarantee fast results within 24 to 48 hours.

Do you need to be tested? Make an appointment online now.

Do you or your child have COVID symptoms?


If you have Covid 19 symptoms

Please do not come to our clinics and get tested as soon as possible.
To be tested, you can make an appointment online at one of our screening centers.

If your child has Covid 19 symptoms

You need to make an appointment with a doctor at a "hot" pediatric clinic.
The doctor will be able to see your child in person and prescribe a Covid test if necessary. In this case, the covid test will be done on site by a healthcare professional directly after the medical visit.
This service is fully covered by the RAMQ.
You can make an appointment at the Elna Pediatric Tiny Tots hot clinic..

ELNA Medical clinics remain open


We offer in-clinic and telemedicine appointments.

At ELNA Medical we acted quickly to adapt to the reality of the pandemic. En tant que service essentiel, nos cliniques offrent des rendez-vous en présentiel et par télémédecine.

In fact, most of the appointments are offered by telemedicine in order to serve our patients as safely and easily as possible.

When a physical appointment is required, our clinics are always open to welcome you. Before coming to our clinics, please make an appointment as we limit the number of people allowed in our clinics and must inform you of the days and hours of operation that are subject to change based on government recommendations and announcements.

Preventive measures in our clinics

Patient Triage

All patients are invited to answer a series of questions about their health status before coming to our clinics. In order to be able to continue to offer emergency service, we have modified the procedures in our walk-in clinics by freeing up many time slots for emergency appointments: each patient must now make an appointment beforehand.

Physical distancing

In compliance with government and public health guidelines, we have implemented physical distancing in the waiting rooms and arranged schedules for clinic visits. We also limit the number of people per space as well as the number of family members or caregivers who can come with the person who has an appointment.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Our staff has been trained to avoid the spread of the virus as much as possible.

We clean and disinfect examination rooms after each patient, equipment after each use, and waiting rooms and common areas after each visit.

Telemedicine first

In order to limit the number of people in our clinics as much as possible, we offer telemedicine appointments whenever possible. Our doctors adapt to your needs and can make telemedicine appointments by telephone or videoconference.
If the situation requires a physical appointment, our teams will give you an appointment to come to the clinic as soon as possible and will explain the procedure to follow.

Employee Protection

All our employees wear masks and our clinics are equipped with large plexiglass panels to minimize air circulation and the spread of the virus.

We have also put in place procedures to remind all our employees the good practices to follow in terms of hygiene and physical distancing.