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Maxime Bernier


Specialized Nurse Practitioner

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Maxime is a specialized front-line nurse practitioner who graduated from Université de Montréal in 2020.

His main motivations for choosing a career in nursing are his passion for helping others since an early age and his deep desire to contribute to his community.

What he finds most rewarding about his profession is that every day, his main mission is to improve a crucial aspect of his patients’ lives: their health.

Maxime began his career in the healthcare field in 2009 as a beneficiary attendant. Over the years, he has progressed academically and clinically in a variety of positions, from orderly to nurse to clinical nurse to practitioner. His areas of expertise include emergency, psychiatry, teaching and front-line nursing.

As a practitioner, he is particularly focused on improving his patients’ health through annual follow-ups, managing minor emergencies and performing minor surgeries.


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