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Press Release – For Immediate Release

Montreal, August 24, 2023 — Montreal-based ELNA Medical Group (“ELNA”), Canada’s largest integrated network of medical clinics, announced today the acquisition of Neurothérapie Montréal, a leading Canadian multidisciplinary centre specializing in mental health and brain-based disorders.

Founded in 2006 and centrally located on the Island of Montreal, Neurothérapie Montréal brings together the nation’s largest team of reputable experts in a clinical setting specializing in mental health, concussions, cognitive decline, chronic pain and sleep related issues in both adults and children.

“ELNA Medical is committed to a one-stop-shop approach to easily accessible quality care through our unique ecosystem bringing together our medical clinics, virtual care, in-home solutions, and industry-leading lab diagnostics. We are very proud of this strategic acquisition, one which allows us to provide better and quicker access to high quality mental health services and a wide range of other neuroscientific conditions sought by an increasing number of patients every day,” said Laurent Amram, President and Founder of ELNA Medical Group.

Neurothérapie Montréal’s 14,000 square-foot ultramodern complex offers the country’s widest range of innovative neurotherapy services for complex conditions, as well as one of the only transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (rTMS) option for patients outside of a hospital setting in Quebec. A leading research and development centre, Neurothérapie Montréal provides high-quality treatment of neurological disorders, including ADD/ADHD, depression, head trauma, stroke, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Its unique approach includes non-invasive neuromodulation, neurocognitive sciences, physiotherapy and integrative medicine to achieve maximum recovery.

“Neurothérapie Montréal’s unwavering commitment to excellence is further bolstered by our joining forces with a Canadian healthcare leader that takes that commitment to another level by constantly innovating and investing in ways to improve accessibility and the overall patient experience. Through ELNA’s vast network, we will be able to provide more options and better continuity of care to an even greater number of patients seeking our unparalleled service and array of groundbreaking treatments,” added Marcel Mazaltarim, Director and Founder of Neurothérapie Montréal.

About ELNA Medical Group

ELNA Medical Group is Canada’s largest network of medical clinics. Serving more than 1.6 million Canadians every year, ELNA is transforming the future of healthcare delivery and continuity of care by building a seamlessly integrated omnichannel ecosystem. Always striving to improve and optimize access to quality care, ELNA empowers patients and practitioners by leveraging and building state-of-the-art technologies, with a focus on AI-powered systems, and strategic partnerships with global healthcare leaders to provide better outcomes for Canadians. ELNA combines its best-in-class medical offering with access to premier diagnostic services, thanks to its wholly owned subsidiary, CDL Laboratories, a leader in round-the-clock medical testing for more than three decades.

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Jonathan Prunier 
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications 
ELNA Medical Group