Pediatric Nutrition: What you should know

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  • Accessible to all patients
  • Accessible to all patients
  • By appointment only
  • By appointment only
  • Covered by most private insurance plans
  • Covered by most private insurance plans
  • No medical referral required
  • No medical referral required
  • Service not available via telemedicine
  • Service not available via telemedicine

Booking & Clinic Details

Our pediatric nutritionists are here to help you develop healthy eating habits for your child. Let our dedicated and experienced team work with you to promote your child’s growth and avoid future diet-related issues.

Pediatric nutritionists specialize in infant and child nutrition, as well as family nutrition. Our professionals can assist and guide you in managing various feeding problems including:

  • Picky eating
  • Stunted growth
  • Introduction of solid foods
  • Independent feeding or child-led dietary diversification (CDD)
  • Dietary deficiencies
  • Need for vitamin and mineral supplementation
  • Obesity
  • Nutritional issues in special needs children, etc.

What happens during a consultation with a pediatric nutritionist?

The first consultation is an assessment visit, and usually lasts about an hour. The nutritionist will ask you questions to better understand your child’s problem. They will then establish a nutritional treatment plan and give you simple strategies and recommendations to use at home.

Depending on your child’s situation, follow-up appointments may be required. If this is the case, we will let you know if your child needs to be present during these visits.

Follow-up appointments

During follow-up appointments, we review the nutritional treatment plan established at the first consultation and adjust it as needed, based on your child’s progress. Please allow between 30 and 60 minutes for your appointment.

At ELNA Pediatrics, we are committed to your child’s growth and well-being, and use a multidisciplinary approach aimed at providing the best possible care for your little ones.

Offered Services

  • Diagnosis and treatment of feeding problems in infants (breastfeeding, allergies and intolerance, weight gain/loss, special diet, nutritional deficiencies, etc.)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of nutritional problems in children/adolescents (fussy eating, healthy eating, digestive disorders, gastrointestinal disorders)

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