Travel health clinics and services

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  • Accessible to all patients
  • Accessible to all patients
  • By appointment only
  • By appointment only
  • Covered by most private insurance plans
  • Covered by most private insurance plans
  • Not covered by your provincial health insurance plan
  • Not covered by your provincial health insurance plan
  • Service not available via telemedicine
  • Service not available via telemedicine

Booking & Clinic Details

Go on holiday with peace of mind with our travel health services!

Planning a family trip, romantic getaway or solo weekend adventure? Don’t let a health problem spoil your trip! Our travel health clinics offer consultations for children and adults, with specialized doctors and nurses.

Travel vaccines

Prevention is the key to avoiding the risk of disease when traveling. Some countries (often in Asia, Africa and South America) present high levels of risk for diseases such as yellow fever, dengue fever, malaria, Zika virus, typhoid fever, meningitis or hepatitis A. Depending on your destination and vaccination recommendations, our team will provide you with a personalized vaccination plan to protect you effectively.

Advice at your destination

Traveling abroad can expose you to a variety of risks due to climatic differences, health conditions, eating habits and jet lag. To limit the risks of minor injuries and common illnesses (traveler’s diarrhea, acute mountain sickness, flu…), our health professionals will provide you with recommendations tailored to your destination, the length of your trip, your medical conditions and the activities you plan to undertake:

  • Strategies against motion sickness
  • Precautions against mosquitoes and other insects
  • Food safety and hydration
  • Hygiene measures
  • Sun and heat safety
  • Advice on sports and aquatic activities
  • Preparing your first-aid kit
  • Health documents to take with you
  • Health organizations and facilities at your vacation destination

Post-travel follow-up

Our clinics are also available for post-trip consultations. If you or your children develop a health problem, infection or illness on your return, we’re here to provide the care you need.

Anticipate your travel health consultation

Remember to make an appointment 6 to 8 weeks before your departure date, as some vaccines need to be administered within this timeframe. On the day of your consultation, bring your vaccination record and list of medications. Our health professionals will review the situation with you to ensure that you are fully prepared for your trip.

Consultations are not covered by the RAMQ, but are covered by certain private insurances. Some vaccines may be reimbursed.

Offered Services

  • Travel health consultation
  • Travel medicine prescription
  • Vaccination
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Preventive advice (diet, hygiene, etc.)

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