You may be lucky enough to already be under the care of an ELNA Medical Group physician, but not everyone is. More than 6.5 million Canadians don’t have regular access to a dedicated physician1, and navigating Quebec’s healthcare system in search of a family doctor, specialist or paramedical service can be a daunting challenge.

At ELNA Medical, we’re committed to facilitating access to care and enhancing our patients’ experience. Our article guides you through the options available for finding an ELNA network physician, whether for yourself or a relative. Please feel free to share this article with others who could benefit from this information!

Find a family doctor

Why consult a family doctor?

The family doctor provides advice and care to maintain and improve your overall health. It is recommended to consult a family doctor in the following situations:

  • Preventive care and advice, such as check-ups, screening tests, vaccinations, health education, etc.
  • Regular medical follow-up for chronic illnesses, for example, but also for mental health, allergies, sleep or weight. If necessary, your family doctor will refer you to a specialist.
  • Minor emergencies, i.e. those that require immediate care but are not life-threatening (minor injuries, flu, gastro…).

What to do if I don’t have a family doctor?

Only three out of four Quebecers are registered with a family doctor2. If you or someone you know is looking for a family doctor, here are a few options.

Quebec Family Doctor Finder

This service is designed to facilitate patient access to a family doctor in Quebec. Patients can register on a waiting list, but due to high demand, waiting times are very long (1 to 2 years depending on the region).

Family Medicine Group (FMG)

An FMG is a healthcare structure that brings together several family doctors working in collaboration with other healthcare professionals (specialists, GPs, nurses, etc.) to offer comprehensive, coordinated care to patients. Care is covered by RAMQ. Few family doctors accept new patients, and waiting times are quite long.

Consult our FMGs.

Family medicine group with resource (FMG-R)

FMG-Rs are also known as minor emergency clinics or walk-in clinics. Appointments are required, but you don’t have to be related to a family doctor to get a consultation.

GMF-Rs are the ideal solution for people who don’t have a family doctor and want a quick consultation for a minor emergency. Care is covered by RAMQ.

Discover our walk-in clinics in Montreal :

Private family doctor

To meet the high demand for family medicine, private clinics offer patients who can’t find an appointment in the public sector, or who want a more personalized experience, rapid access to family medicine services.

There are many reasons to choose the private sector:

  • You’re looking for a new family doctor, can’t find one in the public system, or your current family doctor is retiring or changing plans.
  • You’d like a more personalized experience, tailored services and longer consultations than at the public practice.
  • You have an urgent need, can’t wait and want regular follow-up.
  • You are not affiliated with RAMQ, are a newcomer to Quebec, an immigrant or a student.

Private family medical care is not covered by RAMQ, but may be covered by some private insurance plans. Appointments are usually available within a day.

Consult our private clinics in Quebec.

consultation with a specialized physician

Consult a specialist doctor

Why consult a medical specialist?

Some health problems require in-depth expertise that goes beyond the general knowledge of a family doctor. Specialist doctors offer more complex diagnoses, specialized treatment and surgery, and in-depth management of certain diseases or conditions.

Among the most frequently consulted specialists are cardiologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, neurologists, orthopedists and psychiatrists, but more than 30 specialties are offered at ELNA Medical. Consult our services in specialized medicine.

Regular preventive appointments may be required depending on age, gender and medical history. Talk to a healthcare professional.

How to get an appointment with a specialist doctor?

Medical specialists affiliated with the RAMQ

To obtain a consultation with a RAMQ-affiliated specialist, the first step is to consult your family doctor. He or she will assess your condition and, if a specialized consultation is required, provide you with a referral to the appropriate physician.

Medical specialists affiliated with the RAMQ may offer services not covered by the RAMQ but reimbursed by certain medical insurance plans. Ask your professional for details.

Private specialist doctors

You also have the option of turning to private specialist physicians. This choice offers several advantages:

  • No requisition necessary: You can make an appointment directly with the specialist, without going through a family physician.
  • Short waiting times: Most private medical specialists accept new patients and offer weekly appointments.

Consult our private specialized care.

Network of clinics and medical complexes

Whether you opt for a “public” or private specialist, we recommend using a medical complex or network of clinics to facilitate access to care. Requisitions are much easier, which significantly reduces waiting times.

While the average waiting time to see a specialist in Canada is 27 weeks (over 6 months), the ELNA Medical network has reduced this time to 2 weeks for its patients in the majority of cases.

Find a paramedical service

Health care doesn’t stop with visits to your doctor. They can recommend a range of complementary services.

What is paramedical care?

Paramedical services and allied health care are generally administered by healthcare professionals who work in collaboration with physicians to provide comprehensive patient care.

Examples include laboratory analysis, medical imaging, nutrition, travel health, aesthetics, kinesiology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. See our paramedical services.

Paramedical services are not covered by RAMQ, but some may be reimbursed by medical insurance.

Where can I find paramedical care?

Paramedical care is available in a wide range of public and private, independent and corporate organizations. Some facilities, such as medical complexes, bring together a variety of services under one roof, facilitating the patient’s journey through the various departments. Discover all the advantages below.

doctors and nurses in a medical complex

Easy access to healthcare thanks to medical complexes

Why run between medical appointments when all your care can be under one roof? That’s what the ELNA Medical complexes offer, among many advantages for patients:

  • Improved access to multidisciplinary care in a clinic: A diversity of health services in a single facility. We call it a “one-stop-shop”. You can receive several types of medical and paramedical care, for the whole family, without having to move between several locations.
  • Coordination of care and interdisciplinary collaboration: Medical complexes encourage synergy of care between different healthcare professionals. This enables a more holistic and integrated approach to treatment, with the aim of improving the quality of care.
  • Better experience and simplified patient pathway: Patient care is facilitated, procedures are simplified and medical records are managed centrally using innovative IT tools, as it is the case throughout the ELNA network.
  • Reduced referral times: If, during a consultation with one of our private primary care doctors, he or she determines that you need to see a specialist, the consultation you had with our doctor and the results of his or her investigations often speed up your access to a specialist doctor.
  • Access to advanced technologies: Medical complexes are often equipped with advanced medical technologies and diagnostic services, offering patients access to state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

The ELNA Medical network includes over 100 clinics and points of service in Canada, including 9 major medical complexes in Quebec. Discover our medical complexes and all the services they offer.

Medical complexes in Montreal and Quebec City

ELNA Medical Complex – Decarie Square

  • Family medicine (FMG), private care, pediatrics and specialized pediatrics, cardiology, urology, other specialized care (gastroenterology, gynecology, obstetrics, surgery, nephrology…), sexual wellness, circumcision, vasectomy, laboratory services, dental clinic, esthetics and many more.
  • Physimed Health Group – Saint-Laurent

  • Family medicine, private medicine, pediatrics, surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, ENT, orthopedics, pulmonology, psychology, urology, nursing services, laboratory services, travel health, corporate medicine, medico-aesthetic services (Medispa Physimed) and many more. Book an appointment.
  • Brunswick Medical Center – Pointe-Claire

  • Family medicine, private care (Sanomed), allergies, cardiology, surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, kinesiology, internal medicine, nephrology, neurology, nutrition, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, pediatrics, specialized pediatrics, podiatry, rheumatology, emergency care, urology, plastic surgery. Book an appointment.
  • Clinique Santé Dix30 – Brossard

  • Family medicine, private medicine, minor emergencies, allergies, cardiology, general surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, gynecology, ENT, pulmonology, rheumatology, urology, infiltration, perfusion. Book an appointment.
  • ELNA Medical Complex – Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil

  • Family medicine, minor emergencies, gynecology, pregnancy follow-up, pediatrics, general surgery, laboratory services, aviation medicine. Book an appointment.
  • La Cité Médicale – Sainte-Foy and Charlesbourg

  • Family medicine, private care, cardiology, infectiology, neurology, surgery, dermatology, gynecology, hemalogy, infectiology, nutrition, psychiatry, psychology, SSTI screening, corporate medicine, travel-health clinic, aesthetic medicine, and many more. Book an appointment.
  • ELNA Medical Complex – Rockland – coming in 2024

    ELNA Medical Complex – Empire Centre-Ville – coming in 2025

    1 : Canadian Medical Association. OPINION: Health ministers must prioritize access to care across Canada, October 10, 2023.

    2 : Institut de la statistique du Québec (ISQ) : Proportion of population registered with a family doctor