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Get the peace of mind you deserve with personalized care that is right for you.

At ELNA, our multidisciplinary team of experts are committed to providing relief that gets to the root of your issue.

Our varied approaches draw from a wide range of services covering everything from consultations with psychiatrists to more specialized treatment programs.

Choose the approach that’s right for you from any of the following services:

In-clinic Consultations and Therapy

If you have an anxiety disorder, depression, attention-deficit disorder or any other type of mental illness, our consultations with our experts are a perfect way to help evaluate your needs and ensure that you receive a treatment plan that is tailored for you.

Whether you require counselling and therapy for pre-existing or newly diagnosed psychological disorders, or a more medicated approach with the help of a psychiatrist, our experts are here to get to the root of your condition with a structured program designed to provide you with the relief you are looking for.

We also provide psychological services for children, counselling for parents in relation to the emotional, social, behavioral, cognitive and developmental needs of your children, as well as a specific support for maternal health. 

Choose the solution that is right for you. 

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Virtual Psychiatry

Our convenient virtual psychiatry consultations provide you with quick access to psychiatry services when you need it, all from the comfort of home.

Discover our specialized clinic: Neurothérapie Montréal

Neurothérapie Montréal is Montreal’s premier address for brain-based solutions for patients of all ages. Offering a personalized scientifically proven approach leveraging the latest neuromodulation and neuroscience technologies, Neurothérapie Montréal caters to patients seeking effective relief, as well as last resort procedures for many longstanding neurological conditions related to mental health, psychiatry and ADD; chronic pain; sleep related issues; cognitive decline; and concussions. Neurological disorders treated include, among others, ADD/ADHD, depression, head trauma, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Neurotherapy Monteral Reception

If you aren’t sure which approach is best for you, speak to your physician.

Mental Health is an issue affecting more and more Canadians. If you or someone you love requires urgent or emergency care, please call 911 or the Talk Canada Suicide hotline at 1-833-456-4566.

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