Boutros Karam


General and vascular surgery

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Dr. Karam has been practicing general and vascular surgery since he was 29 years old. He now only treats varicose veins and practices the excision of the skin and subcutaneous lesions through minor surgeries outside the RAMQ, like all his consultations. Dr. Karam has no hospital affiliation. He performs visual and ultrasound-guided varicose vein injections using liquid or foam. He also performs advanced venous procedures, and minor surgeries at Physimed.


  • General surgery, McGill University 1987
  • Vascular surgery, University of Western Ontario, 1990

Languages Spoken

English, French, Arabic


  • General surgery at a hospital affiliated with McGill University, 1982-1987
  • Vascular surgery at the University of Western Ontario, 1990-1991

Booking & Clinic Details

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